Saturday, July 30, 2011

Comic-Con Wrap Up 2011

What an eventful Comic Con we had this year! Not only the Conan O'brien COCO MoCA event but hangin' with all the artists who, as my sis labeled them are "my extended art family." I finally painted that damn kilt I'd been procrastinating on for the past year or two, but who's counting? Haha, sorry for the slowness Mike! I got the chance to finally see my Megaman piece printed up in the new Megaman Tribute book by UDON, next to my homies Hainanu Saulque and Mike Henry amongst others!

Also it was Hilford McGilford's 1st CCI showing her artwork & it went extremely well for her. If I end up in the same spot at APE in SF this October, expect a more elaborate set up from Hilstrand & her big bro.

Special thanks to my crew, who traveled that long road trip yet again, Zee, Hil, and Crash. And many many thanks to Nu and Hoyt for sitting in with me & without me at the booth, the help was very much appreciated!

Will hopefully see everyone again in October for APE or November for CTN-X! That's it for now another CCI in the books!

Check out my TUMBLR and YOUTUBE Channel for tons more photos plus extra video from COCO MoCA gallery!


Susan Yung said...

hey Justin!

Met you at comic con, the left hand shake girl :) It was really nice meeting you and talking to you! You are a very inspirational artist and your style is amazing! Congrats on the Flaming C artwork :D

Hope to see you again at another convention or comic con next year! looking forward to see more work from you!

Thank you so much again!
Take care!

j10 said...

Of course I remember you! Hey and thanks for the kind words too! I would definitely say comic con & ctn-x in burbank are the best for networking & finding new gigs, so you were in the right place for sure. Who knows maybe you'll be a neighbor some day! Best of luck with the artwork & if i can pass along any advice just ask, I'm pretty crusty with the old guy knowledge these days :)