Saturday, July 30, 2011

Comic-Con Wrap Up 2011

What an eventful Comic Con we had this year! Not only the Conan O'brien COCO MoCA event but hangin' with all the artists who, as my sis labeled them are "my extended art family." I finally painted that damn kilt I'd been procrastinating on for the past year or two, but who's counting? Haha, sorry for the slowness Mike! I got the chance to finally see my Megaman piece printed up in the new Megaman Tribute book by UDON, next to my homies Hainanu Saulque and Mike Henry amongst others!

Also it was Hilford McGilford's 1st CCI showing her artwork & it went extremely well for her. If I end up in the same spot at APE in SF this October, expect a more elaborate set up from Hilstrand & her big bro.

Special thanks to my crew, who traveled that long road trip yet again, Zee, Hil, and Crash. And many many thanks to Nu and Hoyt for sitting in with me & without me at the booth, the help was very much appreciated!

Will hopefully see everyone again in October for APE or November for CTN-X! That's it for now another CCI in the books!

Check out my TUMBLR and YOUTUBE Channel for tons more photos plus extra video from COCO MoCA gallery!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Conan O'Brien Interviews Me at COCO MoCA!

Sounds absolutely absurd doesn't it?! But I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet with my favorite late night talk show host Conan O'Brien this past week during Comic-Con in San Diego to talk about the Flaming C piece I created for this special COCO MoCA CCI event!

It's crazy how some things happen like
this! If it weren't for my buddy Dudley Svendsgaard uploading my "Flaming C" piece to the team Coco fan site, all of this would probably never have happened. Back in March at Seattle during the Emerald City Con fellow artist Ryan Odagawa reminded me that I should send it in and I never got around to it, good thing there are more organized folks around me, I appreciate it guys!

Check out the actual interview which didn't make it to air, although me, my sister Hilary and pal Zan were right there in the opening chunk of footage on the show! But not to worry my sister Hilary taped the entire interview and you can watch it here!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Kilt featuring Star Wars Power Droid, R5 D4, Gonk and R2 D2 for my bud Mohawk Mike Yoshioka! See U in San Diego holme skillet! For more photos check out my new TUMBLR for that and lots of random crap I have nowhere else to put! ENJOY!

Comic Con International 2011 THIS WEEK!

Pick up this Comic Con Exclusive Print only at Comic Con International 2011! Featuring the “1986” theme; the year that the Dark Knight Returns and the Watchmen changed the comicbook landscape forever! Rorschach, Batman, girly Robin, the Owl Ship, beat up Supes, what more could you ask for?!!! Get yours this week at CCI!!!

Me n’ the whole crew will be in the small press area at Comic-Con International 2011 in San Diego this week July 20-24th at the San Diego Convention Center! Yep itz tha big one again! So drop by and say “hi” if you are in the area. I will be selling copies of my new book and will have a ton of new prints, original artwork and new sketch-cards available! I am located on the back corner of row “O” in the small press area at table O09. Hopefully we will be seeing all of you there!

My sis Hilary Orr will also have her awesome artwork for sale at my booth in her Comic-Con debut! Check her out yo! SUGAR ADDICT CREATIONS

Monday, July 11, 2011

UDON Megaman Tribute Book

Mega Busters! It's my Mega Man tribute piece which will be available in the UDON limited edition hardcover tribute book at Comiccon this month! In case you no comprehendo, it's a pack of firecrackers, therefore the warnings n' so forth. Special thanks to Mike Henry for the title and Hainanu Saulque for getting me up to speed on my Megaman history too!I've also included the label here so yallz can see the detail before it went onto the packaging...ENJOY!

-the book is premiering at the San Diego Comic-con at the UDON booth (#5037), July 20-24
-for fans not attending the show, you can preorder the book at

-The standard softcover edition is also available for preorder on

Poison Ivy

She comes on like a rose but everybody knows
She'll get you in Dutch
You can look but you better not touch
Poison iv-y-y-y-y, poison iv-y-y-y-y
Late at night while you're sleepin'
poison ivy comes a'creepin'

Monday, July 4, 2011

Medieval Punisher

What if Puns was born in a time whensforth there twerent no guns-eth? Henceforth thar be-eth the Medieval Punisher. Where there twarnt guns he shalt be-eth laden with "s"words and knives-eths. Enjoy-eth if thou can undestandeth...The Medieval Punisher!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Flaming C Returns!

As promised the Flaming C hath returned to layeth un smacketh down upon the Crimson Chin! Enjoy! VIVA CONANDO!