Monday, August 10, 2009

Wade Boyd's Subculture Racing Gal

I recently created this "hot" babe wielding a flame thrower for Subculture Racing Sidecar champion Wade Boyd. Wade is an all around cool guy/dare devil/artist's artist and he asked me if I could design her for the hood of his newly acquired '57 Chevrolet pickup. Of course I said "hellz yess!" The only specifications were that she have turquoise hair and a flame thrower as any superbadass should.

If you are wondering more about who Wade is, check out the recent episode of "Jesse James Is a Dead Man" on Spike TV where he smokes the "Vanilla Gorilla" coming down the homestretch of the track or search him on Youtube.

There will be more designs featuring tha 57 Gal and her realm in the weeks to come online here. I plan on contributing more than a few illo's of her to the truck design!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 Wrap Up

We had a great time at the San Diego Comic this year in the small press area. As usual it was great to see old friends from the convention circuit. It is always really draining to do the whole week of the con, but it's also ridiculously fun to be there. Then once it's over, you feel kinda sad that it's over. I grabbed a ton of books as well from some of my favorites as well as a few new ones. It was my most successful convention yet thanks to everyone who came by and supported us! Extra special thanks to everyone who came by! Hope to see everyone again next year! I have literally over a hundred more pix to see if you are one of my holme skillets on facebook, check um out.....