Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bennett Black Light Scum Bags!

One of the cooler things that happens when you start exhibiting at comic conventions is you discover artwork which inspires your own creativity from artists you hadn't known about before. My friend Erb told me about a guy she thought I would like whom she was a big fan of; he drew Silver Age Kirby-esque/Steranko-inspired art with his own unique sense of humor and cinematic framing. The artist was Michael Bennett aka Black Light Bennett. Suffice to say I talked his ear off at that Alternative Press Expo in SF and we've been friends ever since.

At the San Diego Comic-con in 2008, I gave Mike a copy of my 1st hardcover book pressing and he told me that he would do a piece inspired by the book. I never thought that he would actually create one! But low and behold, at the 2009 SF Wondercon Mike told me that he created a piece based on the short story I am creating at this very moment, "Scum Bags". Unfortunately he couldn't find the piece during the convention since he was pretty busy. However, today he e-mailed it in jpg form! It's such an honor to finally see it, I am still geekin' out about it! Check out his Web site too when you get a chance to! ENJOY!!......

Bennett Black Light Scum Bags!

My Version...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where's the Squid? T-Shirts and Stickers!

It's the question all Watchmen book nerds will be asking once they leave the theatre! Being the huge Watchmen geek that I am; me an' the Jusscope crew decided that we should honor the most popular character who didn't make the final cut in the film version of Watchmen.

I am really bummed that the ending has been tweaked to remove my good buddy.....the Giant Space Squid:(

Stickers commemorating our fallen homey can be found here.....


T-shirts can be found here......


R.I.P. Giant Space Squid (1986-2009) We Hardly Knew Yee