Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meeting Don Ed Hardy

I recently had the chance to meet one of my idols and to hang out with some incredible artists in San Francisco this past week. The event entitled "Duo Mysto" was centered on the very super awesome work of Don Ed Hardy and Ron Nagle. Hardy is a great artist and pioneer of tattooing who incorporated Japanese elements and dragon imagery into his work. Not only is his work inspiring and beautiful to see in person, he is a really really really nice guy!

We had a chance to talk a bit and be nerdy fanboys with him, Ron Nagle and one of the most incredible artists on the face of the planet, Hung Liu! We had alot of fun and here are few pictures from the event.

See the link below for their work..


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Assorted Creepy Dirtbagz!!!

Please enjoy or don't, we understand....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Tha Picture Plane

I had the chance to work alongside some really awesome artists and all-around cool people at Picture Plane Imaging in LA this past month. Not only did I learn a bunch of new things, but I had a blast while I was doing it! Many thanks to Art and John for bringing me aboard. If you get a chance check out the work of some of my colleagues.....

-Ryan Odagawa

-Travis Moore

APE 08 Wrap Up.....

Shoot I've been meaning to post a few pix from APE '08 in SF but was just way too busy this past month. The convention itself is one of my favorites and believe it or not, Sunday was the best day and perhaps one of the most fun I've ever had at a convention! Very cool crowd despite the weather plus we had a great time talking to everyone and seeing old friends from past cons. As usual many thanks to Uncle D an' Hilford for all their help @ the booth. Wish I had a chance to buy more stuff but we were pretty dang busy, which is always a good thing! Next stop Wondercon '09 in February!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nerd Excursions

Being the huge goober that I am, I recently had the chance to visit Cartoon Colour Company Inc. in Culver City while I was working near there. Ever since my college days I had been ordering Ingram punched animation paper from them and still draw nearly everything on it to this day.

The place itself is pretty run down and dusty. When you go inside there is nothing but a small waiting room with a squeeky chair to sit on. Across from there is a glass cabinet with cells from shows like "Fat Albert" and "Charlie Brown". When I bought my paper, they said that only 2 people usually do walk-in orders, an animator from "Fat Albert" and an older woman who used to work for Disney. Pretty ol' schoo company to be included in!

However it was still very awesome for me, those guys have been around since 1947 and I hope they will stick around for many more although according to 1 of the 3 employees working there, times have been rough especially with another possible actor's strike looming. I think it sucks when places and things that you love start to disappear, whether they go on for many more years or not they will always be a part of what made me excited to get into the world of art and animation.

Hey buy something from them if you get a chance and support a legendary company while you still can!


Computer Quick Sketch

I blasted this quick sketch out tonite and liked the results so I thought that I'd post it.....check it out yo!