Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mike N' Franks Rusty Gold Candy

Back when I was a kid and my Pop watched Antique Road Show on KQED, I would think to myself, "that is soooooo boring, I could never watch that!" But now I am much crustier and all my friends will attest that I am also very crotchety as well. If you've ever been in my studio you would also know that I collect and stockpile anything that inspires me creatively or that I am too lazy to throw away.
So it goes without saying that I love American Pickers on the History Channel. A couple years back I caught a marathon while on the road at a convention and haven't missed one episode since! It's like my TV crack addiction, I never miss it. If I can't get my fix I will free-base some Antique Road Show or Pawn Stars (which seems to be playing 24 hours a day at any time). So I made this wacky package type tribute to my boys Mike and Frank! Sweet pickin' fellaz!!!

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