Monday, July 2, 2012

Pulp Fiction!

A new print I created just  in time for San Diego Comic Con in July. Pulp Fiction is definitely in my top 3 favorite films of all time and Tarantino is my favorite director without a doubt, so this piece has been long overdue! Featuring a bunch of the characters and thangz from the film.

If you are in SD for CCI this month drop by and pick up a print, I will have available in 11x17 size at ROW O TABLE 9 in SMALL PRESS! Or buy on my site store at!


boob said...

Aw yeah! I remember seeing these! I was at the con several rows down from you. Tarantino is one of my all time favorite directors as well! Here's a Deathproof print I did a couple years back:
Violence is fun!

j10 said...

Man that's an awesome piece Bob! I've been thinking of covering all of Quentin's movies since I had so much fun making this piece. He actually has a copy of my print from that Saturday he was at CCI, I believe it's ok for me to die now!