Thursday, November 25, 2010

October to November Con Tour Wrap Up

I've been extra supa busy these last 2 months with work and the mini 3 con tour we just wrapped up starting in San Francisco at the Alternative Press Expo then onto the Long Beach Comic Con and finishing up last week in Burbank at the CTN Animation Expo. Whew! Just sayin' all that was a mouf-ful (*yes I pronounce everything aloud as I type it). I am proud to say that only 1 nerd exhibited at all 3 in such a short succession of months, yep yours truly! It was tiring but ridiculously fun, I will be doing 2 of the 3 next year and will most likely skip LBCC. Thanks to Hilford McGilford and my boys Nu and Zan for making the trips tha shiznit as always! Here's a few pics from the goings on. Be sure to check up my facebook for a few extra pics from the tour.....

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