Friday, July 16, 2010

My NEW Book: JUSSCOPE 2 In One!

My new book JUSSCOPE 2 IN ONE is done! I will have it available at Comic-Con starting on Friday. I would have gotten it sooner but it was delayed a few days due to technical difficulties, so instead it is literally hot off the presses! It will also be available in my web site store as well. It is an awesome book and I couldn't be happier, trust me you won't be dissappointed! 100 full color pages jam packed in a softcover book for only $20!!! WTF?!! Yeah! Only $20!!!

This 100 page monster of a book was a long time coming and boy am I glad it's finally finished! This fella represents work from various projects over the past 2 years that have been piling up here in my studio. I figured I better tie it all together now before the stack of drawings grows any larger and even more difficult to organize into book form. But this is more than just a regular ol' book! It's 2 books in 1! Hence the title "JUSSCOPE 2 in 1". Depending which way you flip it open you will get my gallery or my sketchbook, either way twice as much art as the my last pressing! Enjoy tha ride yall!

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