Monday, January 11, 2010

Jet Jaguar Represent!

If you are as big a nerd as I am, then you will know who this dude is! If not, well then let me take U to school sonny.... this is the giant robot "Jet Jaguar" of TOHO fame from the Godzilla VS Megalon film. Notable for being one of the few fellas to team with Gojira to open up a tag team can of whoop-ass for his foes.

I was going once again for the old movie half sheet poster effect. To get this effect I initially painted a water color painting and then.... added the I got into a time machine and when back to approximately 1973 and caught a flight to Japan where I plastered this poster to an alley wall and flew back home. After I came back to our present date in time I caught another flight back to Japan.....and low and behold I'll be damned if this poster hadn't aged just how I had hoped it would! Enjoy yall, it was over 30 years in the making!

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