Monday, October 12, 2009

A.P.E. @ The Concourse in SF OCT.17-18

Hi all, long time no post! Work has kept me away from my bloggin' now I plan to get back into it just in time for my next convention. The event is the ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO 2009 at the Concourse in San Francisco (620 7th Street) on October 17th and 18th. It is always my favorite con outside of the big one in SD every year. Great independently published artists and all around cool art everywhere in a small but very jam packed event. I almost missed it this year but I am glad we didn't. I will have tons of new work available; books, new prints and t-shirts as well!

This year's A.P.E. print follows in line with the one I made last year featuring some of my favorite Tokusatsu characters of all time, Specteman and his arch-nemesis Dr. Gori. It is also very important to note that in honor of A.P.E. the Tokusatsu poster features 2 of the most popular space A-P-E's of the whole genre, the diabolical Dr. Gori and Karras his goofy henchman. I always loved this show as a younglin' and watched religiously on Channel 2's Captain Cosmic show alongside my cousin Demian. He was more of an Ultraman guy as most everyone else seems to be when I bring up such a topic of nerdesque proportions, so I am posting some screen grabs from the show to help jog some cob webs off yer memories out there if you were old enough or cool enough(yeah I said it!) to remember this kick-ass show! Hope you all enjoy and I hope to see you all in SF at the con where I will have this awesome print available! What are you waiting for??? Go already!! C-U there!!

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